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"J" was resident manager (Innkeeper) at B & B in Heritage Park, in San Diego. Normally off on Sunday & Monday, J went into the Inn (next door to her apartment) for work Tuesday morning to find owner, "N" had written a letter ripping into J by name for things that had not been done correctly on Sunday and Monday (days off). Further, N distributed this letter to all employees and had them all sign the letter. (Liable suit anyone?)

As if this was not enough, when J asked about the letter and the reasons for it, N began yelling about how J should have made sure the people working on Sunday were property trained, even though one of these people was N's husband and an owner of the establishment. When J mentioned this was unfair, N pushed J, then grabbed for J's keys, told J she was fired and she could not even return to her apartment to get her things and made such a huge scene the police were called.

Police told N she could not just throw J out and to leave her alone. Police report was obtained by J.

Next day, Wednesday, N started banging on J's apartment door at 7am. J did not reply per police instructions. Wednesday afternoon J contacted the inn to make arrangements to pick up her last paycheck and was told "you'll never see it...you quit I did not fire you." J was further told not to come back to her apartment. Police were eventually called again. Assault charges were filed against N.

While an attorney has been consulted and a suit will eventually be filed, N continues to harrass J and J still has not received her final paycheck.

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UPDATE: police have been called again regarding this insane business owner...and so it continues...can't anything be done about this?

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